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B-24 (42-52498) 'Sugar Baby' Crash Site Marker (Tyrol Air Battle)

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On the Brendlkar massif on a small spur located below the main ridgeline; very remote.

A metal cross with an inscribed brass plaque attached to the front; parts of the downed B-24 are played across the base of the cross.

The memorial remembers the crew of B-24 (42-52498) "Sugar Baby", 780th Bomber Squadron, 465th Bomber Group, 15th Air Force that was shot down here on August 3, 1944. Two of the crew were KIA and the others taken POW. This plane was one of eight shot down that day over the skies of Tyrol, Austria.

On August 3, 1944 planes of the 15th US Air Force were returning from a bombing mission to Friedrichshafen when engaged in heavy combat over the Tyrol with eight B-24 bombers being shot down in the area.

A memorial located in Erhwald, Austria remembers all of the KIA that day.

Monument Text:



Am 3. August 1944 wurden acht schwere Bomber der 15.

US-Luftwaffe, gestartet con der Airbase Pantanella,

Süditalien, von Jägern der Deutschen Luftwaffe im Gebiet

über dem Fernpaß abgeschossen. Einer dieser Bomber, ein

B-24 Liberator von der 465 Bombergruppe/780 Staffel

zerschellte an dieser Stelle im Brendlkar.

Von den insgesamt 79 Besatzungsmitgliedern dieser acht

US-Flugzeuge haben 30 junge Männer an diesem Tag ihr

Leben verloren.


Crew of the Brendlkar crash serial Nr. FO 42-52498

Die Besatzung des hier abgestürzten Flugzeugs bestand aus:




1st Lt. Lawrence R. CRANE

POW / gefangen genommen


2nd Lt. Robert R. KURTZ

POW / gefangen genommen


2nd Lt. Joseph SPONTAK (nmi)

POW / gefangen genommen


2nd Lt. George H. BRITTON

POW / gefangen genommen


S/Sgt. Leonard E. BRACKEN

POW / gefangen genommen


S/Sgt. Anthony J. JEZOWSKI

POW / gefangen genommen


S/Sgt. John S. COOPER

POW / gefangen genommen


S/Sgt. Leeland R. ENGELHORN

POW / gef. gen. am 19.8.44 in Strad


S/Sgt. Lawrence J. HAMILTON

Killed in Action / gefallen


S/Sgt. Charles F. SELLARS

Killed in Action / gefallen




August 3rd 1944 eight B24 Liberator Heavy Bombers of the

15th USAAF, based at Pantanella in southern Italy, were

shot down by fighters of the German Air Force over the area

of the Fernpaß, one of which crashed near to this cross on

the Brendlkar. This B24 was from the 465th Bomber Group,

780 Bomber Squadron. From these eight aircraft, crewed by

79 airmen, 30 lost their lives on this day.



Leonard Edward Bracken

George Henry Britton

John Shreffler Cooper

Lawrence R. Crane

Leeland Thomas Engelhorn

Lawrence Joseph Hamilton

Anthony John “Tony” Jezowski

Robert Russell Kurtz

Charles F. Sellars

Joseph Spontak


15th Air Force

465th Bomber Group (H)

55th Bomber Wing

780th Bomber Squadron, 465th Bomber Group, Heavy



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