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1st Cavalry Division Monument- Los Negros Island

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at the north end of the airfield off the main road to the west overlooking Hyane Harbor. Monument

Two white concrete slabs set up one another with a pedestal with a brass plaque inscribed.

The monument remembers the 1944 assault on Los nesgros Island by the 1st Cavalry Division "First Team" as part of Operation Brewer, a sub operation to Operation Cartwheel. General MacArthur personally award the Distinguished Service Cross to LT Marvin Henshaw during the battle. Sergeant Troy McGill was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

From US Army Division History:

The 1st Cavalry Division  moved to New Guinea to stage for the Admiralties' campaign 22-27 February 1944. The Division saw its first combat in the Admiralty Islands, units landing at Los Negros Island 29 February 1944. Momote airstrip was secured against great odds. Attacks by fanatical Japanese were thrown back, and the enemy force surrounded by the end of March. Nearby islands were taken in April and May.

Monument Text:

Symbol of the 1st Cavalry Division

"First Cavalry Division United States Army assaults Los Negros."

(Description of the battle in February-March 1944, but difficult to read)



William Curtis Chase

Marvin Jesse “Preacher”  Henshaw

Troy A. McGill


1st Cavalry Division

1st Cavalry Division (Flying Column)

5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division

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New Guinea (1943-1944)

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