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Friedrich Lengfeld Memorial

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At the entrance to the cemetery, 50m before the graves. Monument A large fieldstone with a bronze plaque honoring a German officer who gave his life to try and save a wounded American soldier.  

For some hours Lt. Lengfeld and his comrades of the 2nd Co., Fues. BN, 275th Inf. Div. had heard cries for help from a wounded G.I.  The cries came from an area known as "Wilde Sau", between the lines of "No Mans Land" which was a minefield.  Lead by the lieutenant, some of the men set out to help the G.I.  The lieutenant was fatally wounded by a land mine and died later that day.  The fate of the American soldier is unknown.

Monument Text:

No man hath greater love than he who 
layeth down his life for his enemy.
In Memory
Lieutenant Friedrich Lengfeld
2nd Co., Fues. Bn., 275th Inf. Div.

Here in Huertgen Forest on November 12, 1944,
Lt. Lengfeld, a German officer, gave his life
while trying to save the life of an American
soldier lying severely wounded in the "Wilde
Sau" minefield and appealing for medical aid.

Placed at this site on October 7, 1994
Twenty Second United States
Society - World War II
"Deeds not Words"

Niemand hat groessere Liebe als wer
sein Leben hingibt fuer seinen Feind.
Zum Gedenken
Leutnant Friedrich Lengfeld
2. KP., Fues. Btl., 275. Inf. Div.
Hier im Huertgenwald am 12. November 1944
toedich verwundet, als er einen um Hilfe
refenden schwerverwundeten amerikanischen
Soldaten aus dem Minenfeld "Wilde Sau"
im Niemandsland retten wollte.

Errichtet Am 7. Oktober 1994
Veteranen - Vereinigung -
2. Weltkrieg
22. US Inf. Rgt., 4. Inf. Div.
"Taten nicht Worte"



Friedrich Lengfeld


22nd Infantry Division



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