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Danube Drowning

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Along the banks of the Danube, between the walkway and the cliff, 2/3 of the way from the parking lot to the Abby.


A white stylized column with English text, commemorating three American soldiers who drowned here.  Per page 27 of the European Stars and Stripes dated Monday 24 October 1977, the soldiers drowned in a training accident.  They were in a rubber dingy with 12 other soldiers attempting to cross the Danube in a maneuver using a rope by pulling the boat across hand over hand.  The current plunged the boat into the rope, flipping it over.  The other 12 soldiers were rescued by fellow soldiers and Kelheim citizens. 

Monument Text:

In Memory of Three Soldiers of the U.S. Army who Lost their Lives at this spot in the Danube on September 16th, 1975
They met their Deaths on Active Service for our Freedom.

Dennis M. Reihan * 5.2.1940
Robert S. Adams * 3.1.1954
Lucky J. Cordle * 16.8.1954



Robert S. Adams

Lucky J. Cordle

Dennis M. Relihan


1st Battalion, 52nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division

United States Army


Cold War