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Les Quatre Braves- Four Brave Soldiers Statue (90th Infantry Divsion)

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The sculpture sits just east of the north entrance of the mairie facing the church which lies to the northwest of sculpture. It is located west of the parking lot. Statue

The monument features a bronze plaque beneath a sculpture. The plaque rests in a concrete foundation and features text in English and French as well as unit insignia. The sculpture depicts the four soldiers ("Les Quatre Braves" or "The Four Braves") noted on the plaque and is bronze with a bright blue accent paint. It was designed by artist Patrick Cottencin in order to commemorate the efforts of the 90th Infantry Division during Operation Cobra, a stage of the Normandy Campaign, and the liberation of the city on July 27, 1944.

Monument Text:

Tullio Micaloni 9 Avril 1913 – 26 Juil 1944

Richard Edmund Richtman 26 Nov 1924 – 26 Juil 1944

Andrew Jackson Speese III 10 Aout 1912 – 6 Juil 1944

Virgil John Tangborn 23 Mai 1920 – 14 Juin 1944

90th US Infantry Division

Tough 'Ombres

Périers 27th July 1944 – 4 June 2000

Monument érige par souscription “Normandy '44 90th Division US

Sculpteur Patrick Cottencin


Tullio Micaloni 9 April1913 – 26 July 1944

Richard Edmund Richtman 26 November 1924 – 26 July 1944

Andrew Jackson Speese III 10 August 1912 – 6 July 1944

Virgil John Tangborn 23 May 1920 – 14 June 1944

Tough 'Ombres

Périers 27th July 1944 – 4 June 2000

Monument erected by subscription “Normandy '44 90th Division US

Sculptor Patrick Cottencin




Tullio Micaloni

Richard Edmund Richtman

Andrew Jackson Speese III

Virgil John Tangborn


357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division

90th Division

90th Infantry Division

United States Army




Normandy Invasion

Operation Cobra

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