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Air National Guard C-119

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In the middle of Aulan's town square, in front of the old castle gate.  Monument A white stone obelisk mounted on a rectangular block of white stone bearing similar plaques on all fours faces, both of them mounted on two stone slabs. Dale Anderson's name is misspelled as Oale, and his age is incorrect--we was 44 years old.

Monument Text:

A la memoire des aviateurs Americains
Francis T Durkin (47 ans)
Oale R. Anderson (46 ans)
Marion A. Mackentroth (40 ans)
William R. Barbor (29 ans)
William L. Champion (33 ans)
Morts en service commande a Aulan
Le 27-X-1972

english translation:
In memory of the American aviators
Francis T. Durkin (47 years old)
Oale R. Anderson (46 years old)
Marion R. Mackentroth (40 years old)
William R. Barbor (29 years old)
William L. Champion (33 years old)
Fallen in service to Aulan
On X-27-1972



Dale R. Anderson

William A. Barbor

William L. Champion

Francis T. Durkin

Marion A. Mackentroth


Air National Guard


Cold War

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