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Across from the original monumnet in the same clearing. Monument A stone sculpture of pink granite, quarried nearby.  The 9 foot tall, 3.5 ton sculpture is of the shoulder patch of the 442nd Infantry Regiment. Sculpted by Daniel Petitgenet, it was dedicated on 15 October 2017. There is a plaque with text at the base of the sculpture.

Monument Text:

In grateful honor of the gallant men of the 100/442ndRegimental Combat Team, the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion and the 232nd Combat Engineer Company who sacrificed to liberate the Cities of Bruyères, Biffontaine and Belmont from the German invaders. Dedicated to their sacred memory and to the freedom for which they fought by the City of Bruyères on October 24, 2016



442nd Regimental Combat Team

United States Army