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Clastres plaque

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On the outside wall of the town cemetery of Clastres, where it intersects the rue d'Aviokne. Plaque

A stone plaque, dedicated on 19 October 2002, commemorating French, German, and American Air units stationed at St Simon Clastres, during World War II.  American units commemorated are the 387th Bomber Group (B-26 Mauraders) and the 367th Fighter Group (p-38 Lightening).  The plaque shows the three counties' flags, the units, and the dates that the units were there. 

Monument Text:

Forget Me Not

Sepember 1944

November 1944

May 1945

387th Bomber Group B-26 Maurader

367th Fighter Group p-38 Lightening



367th Fighter Group

387th Bomb Group

United States Air Force