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6th Armored Division

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On the place du marché near the chapel Notre Dame des Portes Monument A stone sculpted pillar honoring the 12 soldiers of the 6th Armored Division killed in an ambush while liberating the town on 5 August 1944.  A 6th Armored Division plaque appears on top.  Monument was dedicated in August, 1994. 

Monument Text:

Liberation du Chateauneuf du Faou cinqantenaire 1944-1994

a la memoire des combattants americains tombe sur notre sol le 5 aout 1944

Martin J. Clark     Dwight L. Neff  

Edward J. Powers  Harold R. Yoder

Ruby A. McKinney   Anthony J. Pilipaic  

Donald D. Roehm   Paul D. Shaver

Stanley A. Turar

Chester Galloway

John N. Hall

Hoyt A. Cannon


Dal'h soñj

English translation:  The 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Chateauneuf du Fauo 1944-1994

In memory of the American combattans who fell on our soil on 5 August 1944




Hoyt A.  Cannon

Martin J.  Clark

Chester Galloway

John N.  Hall

Ruby A.  McKinney

Dwight L.  Neff

Anthony J.  Pilipaic

Edward J.  Powers

Donald D.  Roehm

Paul D.  Shaver

Stanely A.  Turar

Harold R.  Yoder


6th Armored Division

86th Cavalry Recon Squadron, 6th Armored Division

United States Army