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Pvt. Henry I. Tannenbaum (83rd Infantry Division) Memorial

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The memorial sits in a clearing on the SW corner of the intersection facing NE toward the town of Otre.  Monument

On 11 January 1945 two assault squads of the 83rd Infantry Division, 331st Infantry Regiment "F Company" were attacked en route to the nearby village of Langlir. All but one soldier--Sgt. Henry Shoemaker--were killed. Among the dead was Pvt. Henry Irving Tannenbaum who became an internationally recognized symbol of WWII in a photograph made by Tony Vaccaro called "White Death." The photograph depicts the image of Tannenbaum lying face down in the snow after the morning of 11 January 1945.

A memorial was inaugurated on 22 June 2002 by Luxembourg Friends of American Veterans Association and the Commune of Vielsalm to commemorate the service of Tannenbaum and other members of the 83rd Infantry Division. The large natural grey stone memorial features a bronze plaque with embossed gold inscription and stars, as well as text in French and English. A concrete star is located on the ground directly in front of the memorial marking the location of the site where Tannenbaum fell.

Monument Text:

We remember PT Henry I. Tannenbaum, New York 83rd Inf. Div., 331 Inf. Reg., 2nd Bn., F-Company killed in action near Ottré January 11th, 1945, and the brave soldiers of the 83rd US Infantry Division.

En mémoire des combattants et victimes belges de la 2e Guerre Mondiale 1940-1945



Henry Irving Tannenbaum

Tony Vaccaro


331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division

83rd Infantry Division

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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