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American Soldiers Monument

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The memorial is located in the middle of the small Alter Friedhof public park. It is in a clearing and although it is framed to one side by a low brick wall, it is clearly visible from all sides.  Monument The three part monument features a grey stone sculpture of a resting eagle atop a five-pointed star base and low white brick wall to the north. Each piece of the monument was added in stages by the Schweinfurt VFW Post 10658 and Ladies Auxiliary; the base and wall were inaugurated in 2011, and the eagle sculpture was dedicated on Veteran's Day 2012. The memorial as a whole was designed by German artists Steff Bauer and Sören Ernst to stand as a symbol of peace and good relations between the United States and Germany since the end of WWII, as well as to honor the service of all Americans in the Schweinfurt area where the US military has had a continued presence since April 1945. The eagle was chosen due to its national symbolic importance in both the United States and Germany, as well as in the city of Schweinfurt whose crest features an eagle. The monument is located in a public park and is maintained by the city of Schweinfurt. There is no text on the monument.

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United States Army

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