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INSIDE the Hospice du Montfaucon (at the southeast corner of the square). Plaque A wooden plaques built into the wall in French and English text honors the 37th Division of the Ohio National Guard., Installed by the State of Ohio on September 29, 1929.

Monument Text:

Memorial Erected by the State of Ohio, United States of America Commemorating the achievements of the 37th American Division in France Dedicated to the people of France and to the care of the commune of Montfaucon on September 29, 1929. The Division, in spite of determined resistance and most unfavorable conditions confronting it, advanced nine kilometers against the enemy positions held by him for over four years, repulsing repeated counter attacks, taking many prisoners, artillery. machine guns, ammunition, and other stores in large quantities. The division entered the offensive through Recicourt for the attack to be launched in the Avocourt sector on September 26 and reached the outskirts of Cierges on the 28th holding this position until relieved on the 30th, having taken Ivoiry and aiding materially in bringing about the evacuation of the old village of Montfaucon, which was at that time located in the adjoining divisional zone of action. The division was further honored by being selected to assist the Belgians to free their country from hostile occupation. The passage of the Escaut River was forced and further advance was halted north-east of the Escaut River by the signing of the Armistice.



37th Infantry Division



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