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B-17 42-3042 "Cabin Heater"

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Behind the town church off the west side of the Rue du Parc. Monument A vertical stone monument bearing a white plaque with gold lettering commemorating American aviators.

Monument Text:

A la memoire des aviateurs Americains morts a Clayes le 29 mai 1943 B-17 no 43-3042 96 BG 337 BS

Lt Jack L. McMath
Lt Ernie J. Dickenson
Lt William L. Peterson Jr
Sgt Lear E. Godbey
Sgt Gerald D. Olson
Sgt Virgil B. Gregory
Sgt Raymond M. Masiero

Clayes 9 mai 2004

english translation:

In memory of the American aviators that died over Clayes on May 29th 1943



Ernie J. Dickenson

Lear E. Godbey

Virgil B. Gregory

Raymond M. Masiero

Jack L. McMath

Gerald V. Olson

William L. J. Peterson


337th Bomber Squadron, 96th Bomber Group, Heavy

United States Air Force



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