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B-17 42-97136 and 42-31495 Crash Site Memorial

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In the middle of a grassy area on the northern side of the D902.

A weathered replica of a plane with a broken right wing balanced on a thin stone pillar supported by a stone base set in a gravel plot in the middle of a grassy area marked off by bushes. There are two white information panels nearby describing the two crashes. A black plaque with gold lettering commemorates the two US aircrew that died in the area.

Monument Text:

A la memoire des equipages des deux B-17 Americains tombes sur

In memory of the two crewmen of two American B-17s fallen near the towns of

Bricquebec                                                      Rocheville
le 08 Mai 1944                                                le 27 Avril 1944
J.E. Foster                                                       H.W. Small
J.K. Uniszkiewicz                                            J.M. Sewak
R.C. Corpening                                               R.J. Morris
T.W. Corbett                                                  J.E. McGue
J.D. Jr. Boone                                                 M.L. Parker
J.L. Jr. Overcash                                             R.D. Pirello
S.S. Matican                                                   J.B. Reynolds
T. Cochran                                                      E.J. Potkay
J.J. Stevens                                                     R.H. Ulrich
R.A. Sanders                                                  D.E. George
C.L. Johnson