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1255th Engineer Combat Battalion Marker

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This marker is located on the far left side of the monument site as you approach from the roadside.
Marker The marker is fixed to a rust colored stand in the shape of widened flagpole with the US flag outlined at the top. The sign itself has a map of US troop movements in the areas around Vianden during the Battle of Bulge in WWII and images of the town during combat. The text commemorates the liberation of the village on February 12th, 1945 and honors the men who died in action.  The marker bears the insignias of the 1255th Engineer Combat Battalion, the 6th Cavalry Group (Mechanized) and of the village of Vianden. The text is in English, French and German.

Monument Text:

Text on the marker reads:
"Vianden was the last town of Luxembourg to be liberated. On February 12, 1945 the 1255th Engineer Combat Battalion, attached to the 6th U.S. Cavalry Group(Mechanized) took the upper city of Vianden, suffering 11 men killed in action and 51 men wounded.
On February 22, 1945 the 28th CavalryReconnaissance Squadron (6th Cav. Gp.) crossed the Our River and seized the lower city of Vianden."

Captions of the photos read:
"on February 22,1945 the Our River was crossed on a Bailey Bridge"
"an AAA-Gun at this very spot (Photo U.S. Army)"



1255th Engineer Combat Battalion

6th Cavalry Group (Mechanized)

United States Army



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