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511th and 814th Engineer Companies

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The memorial is located on the front lawn of the town administration building. It is the shorter and darker of the two steles.  Monument The monument is a small stone stele with a bronze plaque on its façade. The plaque has french text, as well as the symbols of the United States Army and the Army Corps. of Engineers. This monument was given to the town to Redange for its hospitality and sacrifices by the 511th Engineer Light Ponton Company and the 814th Engineer Company. 

Monument Text:

French text:
Offert par 511th Engineer Light 
Ponton Company/814th Engineer 
Company (FB) à la population
de Redange en remerciement 
de son patriotisme ses sacrifices
et son hospitalité 1944/45. 

(English translation)
Donated by 511th Engineer Light 
Pontoon Company/814th Engineer 
Company (FB) to the population 
of Redange in gratitude 
for its patriotism, its sacrifices, 
and its hospitality from 1944 to 1945.



United States Army

US Army Engineer Corps



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