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B-26 42-95910

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The N roadside of the D339. Monument A thin vertical gray stone slab with white lettering commemorating the crash of the B-26 "Wizard of Koz" in the area during WWII.

Monument Text:

Arbre de la Paix 8 Mai 1995 50eme Anniversaire A la memoire de l'equipage du B-26B tombe le 24.04.1944 en mission sur Siracourt Victimes militaires Henry P. Kozlowski Lester W. Hauck Gordon L. Raschke Gilbert J. Gorski John J. Kopinski Charles H. Gast William H. Brockdorf Everett T. Smith Victimes civiles Aline Balavoine Rose Nicot

english translation: Peace Tree May 9th 1995 50th Anniversary In memory of the B-26 crew that crashed on April 24th 1944 while on a mission to Siracourt Military Casualties Civilian Casualties



William H. Brockdorf

Charles H. Gast

Gilbert J. Gorski

Lester W. Hauck

John J. Kopinski

Henry P. Kozlowski

Gordon S. Raschke

Everett T. Smith


495th Bomber Squadron, 344th Bomb Group

United States Air Force