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299th Combat Engineer Battalion Plaque

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On the upper section of the side of the monument that is facing away from the beach. 


This bronze plaque commemorates the members of the 299th Combat Engineer battalion that lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy and throughout Europe during WWII. A part of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade on D-Day, companies A and C  of the 299th landed on Omaha Beach (B company landed on Utah Beach) with the mission of clearing eight 50 yard gaps in the underwater defenses. Despite being under heavy fire, they cleared five of these gaps within 45 minutes of landing. 

Monument Text:

In Memoriam
To Our 80 Brave Comrades In Arms Of The
299th Combat Engineers
Who Gave Their Lives On The Beaches 
Of France And On The Continent Of
Europe in World War 2.
Lest We Forget



299th Combat Engineer Battalion

5th Engineer Special Brigade

United States Army




Normandy Invasion