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146th Engineer Combat Battalion Plaque

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On the upper part of the west facing side of the monument.  Plaque The bronze plaques commemorates the 146th Engineer Combat Battalion and their attached infantry and Naval units for their actions on D-Day. They successfully destroyed anti-boat obstacles to clear the way for the 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions. 

Monument Text:

146th Engineer Combat Battalion
At H+03 minutes on 6 June 1944 our demolition engineers, plus
attached soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division and navy men
from 13 Naval Combat Demolition Units, carried explosives ashore
from 15 LMC landing craft to destroy the anti-boat obstacles
on Omaha Beach. The main elements of the 1st and 29th Infantry
Divisions then landed and overran the German defenders. For
their valiant efforts, the 146th Combat Engineers and Naval Combat
Demolition Units were awarded Presidential Unit Citations.

This plaque is in remembrance of our 35 men who died here. 



146th Combat Engineer Battalion

United States Army

United States Navy




Normandy Invasion