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On the upper part of the east facing side of the monument. Plaque This bronze plaque commemorates the 20th Combat Engineers, which was composed of the 20th and and 1340th Combat Engineer Battalions and the 1171st Combat Engineer Company Headquarters during WWII. They accomplished all of their missions while under heavy fire on their initial landing with the first wave. For this, they recieved the Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation and French Croix de Guerre. 

Monument Text:

"Even the infantry took it's hat off to them. For not infrequently, 

the engineers were actually ahead of the troops."
(Ernie Pyle, Renowned WWII war correspondent)
The 20th and 1340th Combat Engineer BNs and the 1171st
Combat Engineer CP HQ (former 20th Combat Engineer 
Regt) Were Among the Battle Experienced Units 
Selected for Initial Landing on Omaha Beach.  Despite
Casualties from Determined Enemy Resistance During
Execution, all Missions Assigned to the 3 Units Were
Accomplished with Distinction for Outstanding Action
Under Direct and Deadly Fire in the First Wave
Assault on Omaha Beach with the 16th Regt of
The 1st Inf. Div, the 20th Cbt Engr BN was awarded the
Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation and the French
Croix De Guerre with Silver Gilt Star. The 3 Units
Continued to Render Commendable Front Line Service
For the Remainder of World War II

Dedicated to Our Departed Comrades in Arms
- The 20th Combat Engineer Association of WWII
1942 - North Africa to Czechoslovakia - 1945




1171st Combat Engineer Company HQ

1340th Engineer Combat Battalion

20th Combat Engineers




Normandy Invasion