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Tyler Eunice C. “Hatch” Hatchitt

Eunice C. “Hatch” Hatchitt Tyler
Second Lieutenant
Serial Number:
United States Army Nurse Corps
Date of Death:
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, Texas
Section W

Eunice C. “Hatch” Hatchitt Tyler was born on May 17, 1911 in Caldwell County, Texas. She was the daughter of Wallace P. Hatchitt and Nettie Cade Hatchitt, and the wife of Charles B. Tyler Jr., whom she met in the Philippines in 1940 and married in England in 1944. She served in the US Army as a Second Lieutenant during World War II. Eunice was one of the "Angels of Bataan and Corregidor” – the US Army and Navy Nurse Corps women who served in the Battle of the Philippines in 1941-42. When Bataan and Corregidor fell, 11 Navy nurses, 66 army nurses, and 1 nurse-anesthetist were captured and imprisoned in and around Manila. They continued to serve as nurses in various POW camps until they were finally liberated in February 1945. She died on January 15, 2003 at the age of 91 in Texas and is now buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA.

From the Left behind Website:
Army nurse Lt. Eunice Hatchitt started WW2 caring for wounded men in a primitive battlefield hospital on Bataan. Escaping The Philippines at the last moment, she returned home a national hero. But WW2 wasn’t over for her. In 1944, she found herself following Gen. Patton’s army onto European battlefields. Oh, and she also made a small detour to Hollywood in between assignments. And….she’s the heroine of her very own global war-time romance. Nurse Hatchitt’s WW2 story is like none other.