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Gilbert Craig A.

Craig A. Gilbert
Second Lieutenant
Serial Number:
378th Fighter Squadron, 362nd Fighter Group
Date of Death:
Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Illinois
Sec 4S, Lot 156

Craig A. Gilbert was born on October 6, 1918 in Illinois. He was the son of Carey Albert Gilbert and Dagna Erickson Gilbert. He served in the 378th Fighter Squadron, 362nd Fighter Group as a Second Lieutenant during World War II.

Exerpt from: James Anderson's "Blood, Sweat & fears"
"Over in the 378th FS, on the same mission, one of its flights was bounced by three ME109's from below at 3,000ft. Lt. Craig Gilberts plane was hit and went into the ground and exploded near Ecouche, 7 kilometers West of Argentan. Lt Gilbert died the next day in a German Field Hospital."

Exerpt from
Meanwhile, Green Flight of the 378th was approaching its target. As they "approached the bombing area, and with bombs still attached, tracers were seen coming up, apparently from the ground," reported Lt. Harry Stroh, but when he looked back three German fighters were on their tail. "The enemy aircraft apparently dove through a break in the clouds, flew along the trees, and then pulled up, fired and returned into the clouds." He immediately ordered a break; as he turned, he jettisoned his bombs and noticed a big explosion this was not caused by his bombs, but by P-47D-15 42-75267 of Lt. Craig Gilbert of the 378th; Gilbert's plane was hit by fire from a pursuing German fighter, dove into the ground and exploded seven miles west of Esouche. He died the next day in a German field hospital. The other three Thunderbolts in the flight were all damaged. 2Lt. Gilbert is now buried in the Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Cook County, Illinois, USA.

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