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Mills Clifford W.

Clifford W. Mills
First Lieutenant
Serial Number:
382nd Infantry Regiment, 96th Infantry Division
Date of Death:
Wamego City Cemetery, Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansa

Clifford was born on November 23, 1915 and was the son of Edson John Mills and his wife, Julia. Census records for 1930 in Franklin County, Vermont, indicate that Clifford emigrated from Canada in 1920 at the age of six. That is also the year that his parents married, so Edson must have adopted Clifford. The records state that he and his parents were aliens at the time of the census. The records also indicate a previous marriage for Clifford's mother at age 20. Whether or not Julia is his biological mother is also in question as she emigrated to Vermont much earlier than either her son or husband.
From the Website of the Republic of the Philippines, Province of Leyte, Municipality of Dulag "Hill 120 Park Hill At this spot in San Rafael, Dulag are visible traces of entrenchment alleys, the remains of the Japanese occupation forces defending the area. Here, the American Flag was first hoisted in Philippine Soil on October 20, 1944, symbolizing American's promise of freedom to Filipino people. Hill 120 offers historic and panoramic viewing. At the foot of the hill is aplaquee that recounts the Flag Raising and a replica of Lt. Clifford W. Mills raising the flag, guarded by G.I. soldiers. At the inner court lies a tomb where lie in Honored Glory the unknown soldiers who with untold magnanimity and valiance fought and paid the supreme sacrifice. Uphill is a DEADEYE stage, huge helmet at the center with battalion emblems as the background. Located also is the triangular based flagpole guarded by 3 life-sized statues of G.I. soldiers. Beside is the spot where the American Flag was originally hoisted in 1944. The Tower of Peace 'Lantawan han Kamurayawan' gives one a panoramic view of Catmon Hill, Leyte Valley and Leyte Gulf and the entire municipality."
Source: Finda grave