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Wall Edward Barry, Jr.


Princeton Memorial


Edward Barry, Jr. Wall
Second Lieutenant
Serial Number:
US Army Air Service
Date of Death:
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio

Edward Barry Wall, Jr. was born on July 28, 1893 in Ohio. He was the son of Edward Barry and Fanny Mitchell Wall. Edward Barry, Jr. prepared for Princeton at St. George's School, Newport, RI. After graduating from Princeton in 1916, he went to China with the Princeton YMCA and as a part of that work taught English literature in the Chinese University at Peking. In September 1917, he returned and entered the aeronautics school at Princeton, going from there to Love Field, Dallas, Texas, where he received his wings and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. From there he went to an aviation school for instructors at Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas. On July 1, 1918, he was ordered to Mather Field, where he taught advanced flying aerobatics and aerial gunnery. He had passed his examinations and had been recommended for a first lieutenancy at the time of the declaration of the armistice.

Edward Barry, Jr. died in an airplane accident on December 5, 1918. He had finished instructing his pupils for the day and went up for a short flight. he was seen flying at about 1,500 feet by another instructor, who was about 500feet above with a pupil. When the instructor looked again in Lieutenant Wall's direction, he did not see him and could not account for his sudden disappearance. The instructor descended and found Lieutenant Wall lying about 15 feet from his plane with a fractured skull. His death was instantaneous.

Edward is now buried in the Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA.

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