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Resistance Plaque

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On the west side of the road, right at the pass. Plaque A marble plaque on a stone base at the side of the road honors the founder of the French resistance in the area and an American officer who had parachuted in to help. Both were assassinated by the Germans on 12 August 1944.

Monument Text:

English translation:

In a neighboring farm on a hilltop blown up by the enemy on July 25th 1944, 2nd Lieutenant François Pelletier, who parachuted in from Algiers, was arrested in Saint-Tropez on July 24th 1944 and executed in Signes (Var) on August 12th 1944, created the Training Maquis of the Mourre so that France and Humanity might survive. 

In memory of his companion, Muthular d’Errecalde (Lucas), American officer arrested the same day in St. Tropez and massacred at his side on 12 August 1944. We don’t forget.



Jean-Maurice Muthular  d’Errecalde


Office of Strategic Services (OSS)


OSS- French Operational Group