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Next to the principal's office in the elementary school at the American School Foundation of Monterrey. Marker 1LT Fordham was a student at the school, which continues to award an annual award in his name.† There is a memorial display next to the principal's office.††

Monument Text:

Steve Fordham Award

Benjamin Steve Fordham was a student at the American School during the 1960ís.† When Steven was in high school, there was a war in Vietnam.† Many young men went to fight in the war.† While Steve was fighting in Vietnam, he received a serious injury and was given the Purple Heart in recognition of his courage and valor.† After recovering from his injury, Steve returned to the battlefield and was killed in action.† Steve was a very likeable person who had many friends.† He did well in his school work and was involved in many school activities.† He was also very good in sports.

 † † † † † † †Because Steve was such a fine young man, the teachers here at the American School decided to honor him with an award in his name.† Each year one student from each grade is chosen to receive this award because they represent the following ideals: they are courteous, friendly, responsible and good students.† Each student receives a gift from the teachers, a certificate, and his name engraved on the memorial plaque located in the trophy case at the front entrance of the school.



Benjamin Stephen Fordham


3rd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment

3rd Marine Division

United States Marine Corps


Vietnam War