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King Size monument

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On the west side of the road. Marker A rough field stone which holds a plaque with French and English text along with photos of the nine crewmembers, unit insignias, and the US and Belgian flags.  The monument commemorates the downing of the B-25 KING SIZE on Christmas day in 1944.  It was dedicated on 29 December 2018.

Monument Text:

Le 25 décembre 1944, le “King Size” s’est écrasé dans les champs autour de La Fosse. Six membres de l’équipage furent tués, un mourut à cause de ses blessures a Bitburg (Allemagne), et deux ont survécu. Qu’ils reposent en paix. 

On December 25th 1944, the “ King Size” crashed in the meadows of La Fosse.  Six crewmembers were KIA, one died of his wounds in Bitburg (Germany) and two escaped and returned home.  May they all rest in peace.




Robert James Ball

Walter Eberly

Peter F. Ferdinand

Owen Urban Fox

Leon Stanley  Liscomb

Henry G. Maxham

Edward  O'Rourke

Raymond E. Price

John Tiedemann


565th Bomber Squadron, 389th Bomb Group

United States Air Force




Battle of the Bulge

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