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To the right of the town's war memorial, as you are facing the church. Monument A dark granite plaque mounted on a lighter granite base with French text in gold leaf and showing the unit insignia.

Monument Text:

En hommage au pilote americain 2nd Lt Robert E. HOLDEN (1917-1944)

474th Ftr./Gr. 9e Air Force
430th Fighter / Squadron (K6)
Lightening - P 38 J10 - no 42-67663
Mort a Saint-Quen-sur-Iton, pour notre liberte,
le 1er aout 1944 a 30h30 au lieu dit "La Nourrie"
ecole Leonard de Vinci et Maire de Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton

ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  In honor of the American pilot 2nd Lieutenant Robert E. Holden (1917-1944)
474th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, 430th Fighter Squadron (K6)
P-38 J 10 Lightening, serial number 42-67663
the 1st of August 1944 at 8:20 pm in the area known as "La Nourrie"
Leonard da Vinci School and the Town Hall of Saint Ouen sur Iton



Robert Eldon Holden


430th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 474th Fighter-Bomber Group

9th Air Force

United States Air Force



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