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9th Infantry Division

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On the west side of the road Monument A three sided stone retaining wall on which are mounted three plaques.  A bench and flower pot are in the middle.  The 9th Infantry Division insignia is at the top center of the wall.  The left plaque is in French and the right plaque in English.  The center plaque, which was recently vandalized and is currently missing, is in both languages.  The plaques are grey granite with gold leaf engraving.  The monument was constructed in 1998.

Monument Text:

  Left and right plaques:

In Memory of these Officers and Men of the 9th Infantry Division who died here 17th June 1944
Pvt Cecil M. Barnes
Capt Henry N. Blanchard, Jr
PFC Valentine H. Fose
Maj Basil Shirley
and LtCol Richard E. Buchanan who died of wounds received in action 26th June 1944

Near this spot, fourteen soldiers of the 9th US Division on reconnaissance encountered a group of German soldiers at 1100 hours on 17th June 1944.  The Americans were outnumbered, three to one.  The following day, St Maurice-en-Cotentin and Barneville Carteret were liberated by the 9th Division, four years to the day after they had been occupied, and the Cotentin was secured.  May we always remember those who died to ensure our freedom.  
This memorial was unveiled by Dr. Henry N. Goodall, son of Capt. Henry N. Blanchard, Jr. BSM, PH, 17th June 1998.



Cecil M.  Barnes

Henry N. Blanchard

Richard E.  Buchanan

Valentine H.  Fose

Basil Shirley


9th Infantry Division




Normandy Invasion

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