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745th Tank Battalion

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On the west side of the road just south of town. Marker A rough fieldstone base holds a grey granite plaque honoring four soldiers from the 745th Tank Battalion.  The monument marks the spot where they were killed on 11 September 1944.  Text in French and English.  Plaque contains the insignia of the 745th Tank Battalion and the 1st Infantry Division.

Monument Text:

Liberation de Henri-Chapelle
A la memoire des quatre soldats americains du 745th Tank Bn 1st Infantry Division morts ici pour notre liberte le 11 septembre 1944.
Pvt. Francis W. Clifford
Pvt. Raymond Y. Dirks
Pvt. George M. Hanmer
Cpl. John W. Narducy
For their courage and valor, may they rest in peace.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  Liberation of Henri-Chapelle
In memory of the four American soldiers from the 745th Tank Battalion, 1st Infantry Division who were killed here for our liberty on September 11, 1944.



Francis W. Clifford

Raymond Theodore  Dirks

Geroge Maxwell Hanmer


1st Infantry Division

745th Tank Battalion

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge