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War Museum Gustav Line Garigliano Front

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The museum is located at the street address indicated for site in the town of Castelforte. 


War Museum Gustav Line Garigliano Front opened in May 2019 on the 75thAnniversary of Operation Diadem (the 4thBattle of Monte Cassino) which resulted in Allies breaking the Gustav line in 1944. During the war, the city of Castelforte was a key defensive position on the Gustav Line and the city was known as the “Little Cassino”due to the tough house-to-house fighting that occurred there.  The Museum is operated by the non-profit Associazione Linea Gustav Fronte Gariglianoand depicts military operations along the Garigliano in 1944 to include operations of US Forces to include Fifth Army; II Corps; the 85th“Custer” Division and 88th“Blue Devil” Division. The museum, through its lively displays and dioramas, tells the stories of the US, British, Canadian, French and German soldiers that fought in this area – the most western portion of the Gustav Line.   In addition to conducting local conflict archeology, the museum staff conduct tours of the local battlefields of Diadem operations of the 85thDivision to include the battles on Hills 66 and 69, and Hill 79 (where 1LT Waugh won the Medal of Honor); and, 88thDivision operations at Mount Damiano (known locally as Monte Cianelli) where 2LT Shea won the Medal of Honor and PFC Edward Gallant won the Silver Star.


For more Information on the museum, Google: War Museum Gustav Line Garigliano Front- Associazione Linea Gustav Fronte Garigliano

The museum is a part of the Italian War Route, a collaboration of museums and research centers remembering World War II in Italy.

Monument Text:




Edward "Pally-Boy" Gallant

Charles W. “Red” Shea

Robert Turner Waugh

Marshall A Webb


337th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division

339th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division

350th Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division

351st Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division

5th Army

85th Infantry Division

88th Infantry Division





Italian Campaign

Operation Diadem

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