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Ranger Plaque

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On the seaside of the Rotunde building on the boardwalk in Dieppe. Plaque A bronze plaque with text in French and English honoring the 1st Ranger Battalion and the three Americans killed in the raid on Dieppe.

Monument Text:

1st Ranger Battalion

On 19 August 1942, 50 Commando trained soldiers of the 1st Ranger Battalion, United States Army, participated in the raid on Dieppe.  Attached to Canadian Infantry and British Commando units, they were the first United States soldiers to engage German armed forces in WWII.

Killed in Action:  2dLT Edward V Loustalot, 2dLT Joseph H. Randall, Tech 4 Howard M. Henry

These volunteers were the first United States soldiers to die for the liberation of France.

They led the way.



Howard M. Henry

Edward V Loustalot

Joseph H. Randall


1st Ranger Battalion

United States Army



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