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Maurice “Footsie” Britt Medal of Honor Site Marker

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The site is adjacent to the road in front of a rock filled depression.


The metal marker stands about 4 ft high with 2 written plaques attached. The marker is of a brownish color with 2 white plaques mounted to it.


This marker is part of a series the local Chapter of the 3rdInfantry Division Association (Post #16, Floyd Lindstrom) placed to honor the actions of the division in the local area. 


The marker lies near the site where 1stLieutenant Maurice “Footsie” Britt, Company L, 3rdBattalion, 30thInfantry, 3rd Infantry Division won the Medal of Honor in November 1943.  On November 10, 1943. 1LT Britt led a desperate defense of Monte Rotondo against a numerically superior enemy.  His bold and audacious actions saved his Company and Battalion and prevent the enemy from taking Monte Rotondo.



Monument Text:

Across the top of the plaque includes the symbols of: the 3rdInfantry Division; Town of San Pietro Infine; and, The Society of the 3rdInfantry Division

The top plaque is written in Italian.  It reads:


San Pietro Infine

Questa stele di ferro ricorda l’ufficiale Americao della 3a Divisione di Fanteria


Il Ten. Maurice Lee Britt “Footsie” dell Arkansas

30 Reggimento di Fanteria, 3 Battalgione, Compagnia L


Che dal 7 al 10 Novembre del 1943, durante I combattimenti della

Linea difensiva denominate Winter Line, combatte per conquistare e difendere la collina

Di Monterotondo, con azioni di corraggio, ardimento e sprezzo del pericolo; in inferiorita’

Numerica e in condizioni climatcihe averse; ricevendo la pui alta decorazione militare

Assegnata dal Governo degli Stati Uniti.


Medal of Honor

(picture of the Medal of Honor)


Nel Settantacinquesimo anniversario

Il Commune di San Pietro Infine, il Museo Historicus di Caspoli,

L’Ass. Della Terza Divsione di Fanteria US Army – Ita. – l’Ass Linea Gotica Pistoiese Onlus

Ne ricordano il Valore


(Symbols of the sponsors listed above)



Translation of the Italian text:


San Pietro Infine

This metal plaque remembers the American Officer of the 3rdInfantry Division


First Lieutenant Maurice Lee Britt “Footsie” from Arkansas

Company L, 3rdBattalion, 30thInfantry Regiment


That from 7 top 10 November 1943, during combat along the defensive line, known as the Winter Line, he fights to take and defend the Monterotondo hill, with courageous and bold actions, without regard for the danger, numerically outnumbered and in adverse weather conditions, received the highest military award given by the United States Government.



(Picture of the Medal of Honor)


On the 75thAnniversary of the

Community of San Pietro Infine; The Historicus Museum; The Society of the 3rdInfantry Division-Italy; The Association Gothic Line-Onlus

Remember his Valor


(Symbols of the sponsors listed above)



Bottom Plaque: 


The second plaque is written in Italian on the top and in English below.  The text of the English portion states:


November 5th, 1943 Allied Forces arrived to Salerno’s coasts to reach Montelungo and Monterotondo hills.  The aim was to defeat and cross the Winter Line made up by Germans forward [of] Cassino. The 30thRegiment of 3rdInfantry Division US Army 

conquered Monterotondo hill.


The battle lasted until November 12th.  The hill was conquered and defended with

Many deaths on both sides, but at the end the Americans won.  The 30th

Regiment received one of the most important US military honors:  “The Presidential Unit Citation for – “acts of magnificent heroism against the enemy-“

To remember the action of a soldier that received the Medal of Honor on this mountain as the most important military honors appointed by the United States of American Government.


During the 75thanniversary of this battle the “Veterans Association of the 3rdInfantry Division US Army” and all the associations joined together to honour and remember their freedom.  We set up this plaque in the place where started the 30thRegiment progress to defeat Monterotondo hill.



Association symbols and sponsors:Historicus Association; Linea Gothica Pistoiese Onlus; Association LI BTG Bersaglieri A.U.C. “Montelungo 1943”; and the 3rdDivision Association  





Maurice Lee “Footsie”  Britt


30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division

3rd Infantry Division

5th Army




Italian Campaign

Operation Raincoat

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