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San Pietro Infine-Monterotondo 3rd Division Site

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The site is located on the side of the narrow road between the 2 house-like structures; it is a metal marker adjacent to a pile of boulders in a depression.


Via Cerro, San Pietro Infine 81049 CE Campania , San Pietro Infine , Caserta , Campania , Italy

The site is hard to find; ask the local Historicus Museum or 3rd Infantry Division Association- Outpost #16 (Caspoli) for assistance. The site is located outside the town of San Pietro Infine. To arrive in San Pietro, take the Autostrada A1 (north of Naples and south of Rome) and exit at San Vittorio del Lazio and follow signs towards San Pietro or Venafro. Once on the SS 6 (Casalina) take it to the circle and head towards Venafro on SS 6 DIR. Just after the Blue “1 Kilometer” sign (on the right) make a right hand turn on to Via Cerro. Via Cerro is a narrow deteriorating asphalt road. The road will go underneath the train tracks twice and at a certain point the road is closed, but continue around making right hand turns to return to Via Cerro and the site. The site lies between on old dilapidated stone structure and a modern unfinished somewhat dilapidated house. From the site, one has a view of both Monte Rotondo to the south; Old Town San Pietro and Monte Sammucro (heights above San Pietro Infine) to the north.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

41.4371 13.9772 Via Cerro, San Pietro Infine 81049 CE Campania

Flag Poles :