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Hemingway Museum of the Great War

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The museum is located on the basement level of the elegant Villa Ca’ Erizzo; entrance is on the side of the building facing the Brenta River. 


The Hemingway Museum of the Great War presents the American author, Ernest Hemingway, experience in Italy during World War 1. Hemingway served in Italy in the American Red Cross Ambulance Service. The museum, located in the Villa Ca’ Erizzo, housed an Italian Army Field Hospital and was where American Red Cross Ambulance, Section 1 was stationed during the war.  The museum includes a movie (in English or Italian) describing Hemingway’s experience in the war and its impact on his subsequent writings.  The museum is divided into several sections: an overview of the war in Italy; the American Red Cross and Ambulance Service in Italy; and, Hemingway’s specific service in Italy.  While the displays are in Italian, headsets are available in English that clearly describe the exhibits.

Monument Text:




Ernest M. Hemingway


American Ambulance Field Service, Section 3

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Ambulance Service

American Red Cross Ambulance Service, Section 1



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