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B-24 “Yankee Doodle Dandy" (42-40105) Crash Site Memorial

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In a road cut out against the back wall.


A white marble plaque about 18’ x 12” with a blue inscription.



On November 11, 1943,  B-24D (42-40105) “Yankee Doodle Dandy” piloted by 1LT McCollum, was part of a 32-plan raid on a ball-bearing factory in Amnecy, France.  The bombing raid was conducted by the 344thBomber Squadron “Pyramiders” of the 98th Bomber Group, 15th Airforce, flying out of the Enfidaville Airfield in Tunisia. After the raid on the return trip, a mechanical failure of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” caused it to drop out of formation leaving it vulnerable to enemy fighters.  “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was shot down by seven enemy fighters of Jagdgruppe (JG) 77.  The plane was hit with several crewmembers killed on board.  Others were able to parachute to safety. The plane crashed on Monte Rucustun (Localita’ Rucustun) near Andonno, Italy.   Four were killed in action; one was injured and taken prisoner; five with the assistance of Aldo Quaranta’s Partisan Brigades, were assisted to Switzerland and through France with help of the French Resistance. After many weeks of weeks of evading the enemy they returned to duty. (Reference: Missing Aircraft Report {MACR} 1197)




The crew of B-24 (42-40105) “Yankee Doodle Dandy” included:


Homer S. Mc Collum, Jr; Pilot 1LT; O- 734121

Cobb, Allan Joseph; Co-Pilot; 2LT 0-676749

Moran, Robert E.; Bombardier; 2LT  0-671202

Potter, Ralph Woodrow; Navigator; 1LT  0-7977386

Johnson, Joseph Dale; Engineer; T/SGT, 14025029

Benson, Neville Curtiss; Asst. Engineer S/SGT; 35456440 -KIA
Gojlik, Joseph (NMI); Radio Operator; T/SGT 32405802 -KIA

Morris, Donald Ray; Asst Radio Operator, S/SGT  15531148 -KIA

Potvin, Arthur Edward; Tail Gunner; S/SGT; 13066561-KIA

Flanagan, Harry Joseph; Armorer/Gunner; S/SGT; 12057177- POW


The local government placed the plaque at the base of Mount Rucustun on the 50th anniversary (1993) to remember the four young airmen who died.



Thanks to Air Crash Po (Cremona, Italy) for assistance in identifying this crash site.

Monument Text:

The text of the plaque is written in English, Italian, and French.  The English reads:


15 th.U.S.A.A.F. 98th.BOMBER GROUP 


In the memory of crew member
from the 
B 24 D Serial 42-40105
Shot down by enemy fighters
The day from november 11-1943
Localited “Rucustun”






Neville C Benson

Allan J Cobb

Harry Joseph Flanagan

Joseph Gojlik

Joseph Dale Johnson

Homer Stacy Jr McCollum

Robert E Moran

Donald Ray Morris

Ralph Woodrow  Potter

Arthur E Potvin


15th Air Force

344th Bomber Squadron, 98th Bomber Group

98th Bomber Group

Italian Partisans





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