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PFC Robert S. Elder Plaque

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The bottom plaque.


A rectangular plaque printed in colors, which commemorates Pfc Robert Stewart Elder. The photo of Pfc Cady and the insignia of the 62nd Infantry Battalion and 14th Division are printed on the upper left corner of the plaque, while the dedication message is on the right side. The plaque is inscribed in yellow and white, French, and English text.

Monument Text:

In memory of

Pfc. Robert Stewart Elder

37570191 (1922-1944)


62ème Bataillon d'Infanterie,

14ème Division Blindée US

62nd Infantry Battalion,

14th US Armored Division 


Tué dans cette zone le 22 novembre 1944,

lorsque son unité s'est heurtée

à un barrage ennemi.

Sa famille est honorée

par son devoir et son sacrifice. 


Killed in this area on November 22, 1944,

when his unit encountered

an enemy roadblock.

His family is honored

by his service and sacrifice.



Robert Stewart Elder


14th Armored Division

62nd Infantry Battalion, 14th Armored Division

United States Army



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