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B17E 42-29923 Lucky Strike Monument

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At the corner on the north-west side outside the churchyard.


A 3-wall brick monument which the side walls are lower than the center and are diagonally positioned. The monument is set with a brick ground and the center wall bears several plaques. On the top of the center wall is a circular plaque with an illustration of a B-17 incised on the center which contains the unveiling of the memorial. 2 brass plaques are mounted below the circular plaque, one above the other, which the upper plaque contains the commemoration message for a British plane while the bottom plaque lists the crew of the Lucky Strike and tells a brief story of its crash. The monument is dedicated to the airmen of Lucky Strike and to the Emergency Services who helped to save the lives of others.

Monument Text:

Circular plaque:


This memorial to the

Crew and Emergency Services

was unveiled by

John H. Sasson 11071209



Glencove, New York, U.S.A.


(-B-17 illustration-)


Flight Engineer from the

"Lucky Strike"


on 23rd June 1996




Square plaque:


(-Commemoration for the British Handley Page Hampden bomber plane-)



Rectangular plaque:


First Column:


Flying Fortress B-17E-29923



The Crew



Evans, Rowland H. 2nd Lt O--681361 K.I.A.

Co Pilot

Scarborough, Everett L. F/O T-12228


Harkness, Marion E. 2nd Lt. O-809597


Kraut, Irving 2nd Lt. O-739475 Killed in Crash

Flight Engineer

Sasson, John H. Sgt. 11071209

Radio Operator and Gunner

Samuels, Melvin, Sgt. 12184819

Asst. Engineer and Waist Gunner

Rasey, Delbert D. Sgt. 39831906

Armorer and Waist Gunner

Vargo, Julius E. Sgt. 33186083 Hurt in Crash

Tail Gunner

Burckhalter, Hoyt O. Sgt. 38398592

Ball Turret Gunner

Rivera, Julius E. Sgt. 32502246 Killed in Crash


Evans, Rowland H. 2nd Lt O--681361 K.I.A.



Second Column:











Third Column:


With one of its bombs still on board, "Lucky Strike" was returning from

a raid on the submarine pens at Kiel, Germany on 5th January 1944.

The twist of a screwdriver not only dislodged the stuck bomb but

410 gallons of auxiliary fuel. The crew began the trip home, knowing

that they did not have enough fuel for the return journey and anything

that could be thrown out of the aeroplane was jettisoned. As it dropped

in altitude, frost began to build up and even the windshield and

instruments iced over. "Lucky Strike" crashed on land at Church Farm,

Cawston, narrowly missing the church.    Two of the crew died.






Hoyt O. Burckhalter

Rowland H. Evans

Marion E. Harkness

Iriving Kraut

Delbert Daniel Rasey

Julius E. Rivera

Melvin Samuels

John H. Sasson

Everett L. Scarborough

Julius Vargo


381st Bomber Group (Heavy)

535th Bomber Squadron, 381st Bomber Group, Heavy

US Army Air Corps



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