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In the courtyard of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to the left side of the seal of the United States Monument A rectangular dark stone stele with english engraved text, listing the names of the US Marines killed in the Mayaguez Incident in May 1975, as well as the name of a US Marine killed in Phnom Penh in 1971. The Mayaguez incident between the Khmer Rouge and the United States from May 1215, 1975, was the last official battle of the Vietnam War. It started as a hostage rescue mission, but the crew of the merchant ship SS Mayguez had been released unbeknownst to the US forces. Ten Marines were killed when their helicopter crashed and four more were lost at the west beach. In addition, two Navy corpsmen killed, two Air Force crewmen were killed, and thirty-five Marines and six airmen were wounded.

Monument Text:

United States Embassy Mayaguez Marine Corp Memorial

In memory of these brave Americans who gave their lives protecting their fellow citizens in Cambodia

(list names)

Dedication speaker Senator John McCain

Dedicated November 11, 1996

Kenneth M. Quinn, Ambassador



Daniel A. Benedett

Lynn Blessing

Walter "Butch" Boyd

Gregory S Copenhaver

Bernard Jr. Gause

Gary L. Hall

Joseph N Hargrove

James J Jacques

Ashton Nathaniel Loney

Ronald J. Manning

Danny Glen Marshall

James R. Maxwell

John Sidney III McCain

Kenneth M. Quinn

Richard William Rivenburgh

Elwood E. Rumbaugh

Antonio Ramos Sandoval

Charles W.  Turberville

Kelton Rena Turner

Richard Vandegeer


21st Special Operations Squadron, 352d Special Operations Group

2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division

Department of State

United States Air Force

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy


Vietnam War