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2Lt Willis W. Reeves, Jr. Monument

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On the west side of the road.


A stele bearing a square bronze plaque containing a commemoration message that is written in French. Also included on the plaque are the photos of 2Lt Reeves and a depiction of a P-51 aircraft. The pilot of the P-51 "LEAKIN LIZZ" - type B-5 - s/n 43-6523 YF-E, 2Lt Reeves crashed on June 19, 1944, following an air collision with his wingman 2nd Lt Ralph Coleman. Returning from a bomber mission escort from the Bordeaux-Mérignac airfields, a chain of circumstances associated with the lack of visibility due to thick fog, seven P-51 and P-38 fighters were lost (mid-air collisions and space disorientation).

Source of photos: BONNET /

Monument Text:

A la mémoire du sacrifice


du Lt. Willis W. REEVES, Jr

Pilote du 355th FG - 358th FS

de la 8th USAAF


Mort pour notre liberté le 19 Juin 1944,

à l'age de 19 ans,

aux commandes de son P-51 Mustang

en ce lieu


La France Reconnaissante



English translation:


In memory of the sacrifice


of Lt. Willis W. REEVES, Jr

Pilot of the 355th FG - 358th FS

of the 8th USAAF


Died for our freedom on June 19, 1944,

at the age of 19,

at the controls of his P-51 Mustang

in this place


The gratitude of France



Willis W., Jr. Reeves


358th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group

8th Air Force

US Army Air Corps



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