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The site contains a monument in memory of 2Lt Willis W. Reeves, Jr. who was killed in an air crash during World War II.


D22 , 61700 , Juvigny-Val-d'Andaine , 61-Orne , Normandy , France

The site is situated about 9.3 km west of Juvigny-Val-d'Andaine center. In actuality, the site is closer to Domfront as it is only about 4.2km southeast of Domfront. Exit the town of Juvigny-Val-d'Andaine via D976 and head towards the west. After 8 km, you will see a road junction going to the south that is indicated by a road sign “La Rouillére.” Take this road and continue your way to the south for about 750 meters where you meet the road intersection with D22. Take the road going to the south again that is to your left. You will arrive at the site after 400 meters.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

48.56753 -0.60845 D22

Flag Poles :