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Patton's First Headquarters Plaque

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Among the trees in the Orchard. Plaque Plaque describing the Camp at Nehou, General Patton's first Headquarters.

Monument Text:

The 3rd Army Bivouac at Nehou

It was in the adjoining apple orchard that General Patton set up his first Headquarters even before the High Command appointed him Chief of the 3rd Army.  He stayed there in a trailer-caravan, as did the head of his General Staff, General Gaffey, and General Gay.
Close by these three trailers there was a tent which was the actual Command Post.
Another tent was the mess tent.  The other officers and Headquarters staff lived in tents strung out along the perimeter of the orchard.
The generators sets which supplied the power required were installed not far from here, in a field near Belle-Maniere farm.
The troops were stationed in the adjacent fields, in particular in the area of Hauts Buissons woods.
The Headquarters were guarded by the Military Police who prohibited any contact with the outside.
Despite the noise of very close artillery fire and the droning of aircraft, Artillery Captain Wysong, Aide de Camp of General Gaffey who himself was Patton's Chief of Staff, was later to comment that this place had a feeling of relative tranquillity.
All that remains of the original orchard is one apple tree in the middle.  The others were replanted in 1993.



Hugh Joseph Gaffey

Hobart R. Gay

George Smith Patton


3rd US Army

United States Army



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