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Johannes J. Bergman Memorial- 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

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Next to the memorial remembering the French dead of WW2. Monument

A mortared stone base with an engraved vertical stone monument, with French text in gold leaf and the insignia of the 2nd Armored Division. The memorial remembers Corporal Johannes J. Bergman of the 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Armored Division who was near this maker in WW2.

Monument Text:

A Johannas Bergman, 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance, 2nd Division Blindee US, tue a Flesquieres le 2 septembre 1944, Flesquieres n'oubliez pas

ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  To Johannas* Bergman, 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance, 2nd Armored Division, killed in Flesquiers on 2 September 1944, Flesquieres won't forget

Note: * actually spelling is Johannes



Johannes James Bergman


113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

2nd Armored Division

United States Army



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