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Battle of the Bulge Marker

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This marker is located at the far end of the parking lot directly off of Rue Principale, on the left-hand side of the site.
Marker This marker provides historical details of the fighting that occured in Weiler and the surrounding areas during the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944. Included is a short account of the "I" Company, 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, garrisoned at Weiler at the time of the German attack.
The text of the marker is in English, French and German.

Monument Text:

Text on the Marker reads:


After the liberation of Luxembourg on September 10th, 1944, the front in the North of Luxembourg stabilized along the road leading from Ettelbruck to Wemperhardt, called the Skyline Drive by the GIs. The villages of Weiler and Wahlhausen were outposts defended by I-Company, 3rd Battalion, 110th Regiment, 28th US Infantry Division, reinforced by an antitank platoon as well as mortar and heavy machine-gun sections.
On December 16th, 1944, Hitler launched a surprise attack with 240,000 German soldiers against the 83,000 US soldiers holding the front from Echternach (L) to Monschau (Germ.). It was the Battle of the Bulge and was intended to reach the port of Antwerp (B) within three days, to split the British and US troops and to force the Allies to an armistice. The stiff resistance of the US defenders thwarted that plan and allowed General George S. Patton Jr. to liberate the encircled town of Bastogne (B) on 26th of December 1944 and to attack the Germans at the southern flank.
The garrison of Weiler resisted the aggressors on December 16, until it ran out of ammunition. The same day, in Wahlhausen, Lt. Fisher ordered friendly artillery fire on his own position in order to stop the German advance. In the following night Company commander Captain Floyd K. McCutchan retreated with his troops to Consthum, 3rd Battalion's headquarters. Many of them were killed or made prisoners of war by the pursuing Germans. Only a few reached Consthum.
During this battle a large part of the North of Luxembourg was destroyed."

Captions under the images read:

"Hitler's plan for the Offensive in the Ardennes and actual German advance"

"Weiler, 1945, northern and southern front of the village-hall in ruin (school, teacher's lodgings, dairy, fire-brigade's hanger, assembly room with stage)"



Omar Nelson Bradley

Dwight David Eisenhower

Jack Fisher

Floyd K.  McCutchan

George Smith Patton


110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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