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Inside the US cathedral in Paris' 8th District. Plaque A gold plaque with black lettering commemorating Hoskier who served in the Lafayette Escadrille during WWI. Plaque A brass plaque with English text mounted on an interior wall under one of the arches.

Monument Text:

In reverent memory of Ronald Wood Hoskier born 21 March 1896, fell 23 April 1917 In the glory of his young manhood, before St Quentin in defence of right and liberty. He was the second american aviator who gave his life after the US entered the world-war. A volunteer, abandoning his college courses at Harvard early in 1916, he trained in France and after 5 months at the front with the Escadrille Lafayette (where he greatly distinguished himself) he fell in glorious but uneven combat against three enemy aeroplanes. "In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death." Prov XII,28 This tablet was erected by the members of section sanitaire automobile americaine no. XI of which his father was leader



Ronald Wood Hoskier

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