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Prince Robert W.

Robert W. Prince
Serial Number:
6th Ranger Battalion
Date of Death:
Distiunguished Service Cross

Born on November 7, 1919 in Seattle Washington, served as a Company Commander in the 6th Ranger Battlaion and was a key figure in the "Great Raid" to o free prisoners at Cabanatuan, Phillipines in 1945. From Find a GraveMr. Prince graduated from Madrona grade school and then Garfield High School in 1937, and Stanford University in 1941. He was married to Barbara Harrison of Seattle on January 31, 1941. Bob entered active service as a lieutenant in the United States Army on July 7, 1941 and was discharged with the rank of major in February 1946 from the 6th Ranger infantry Battalion. He served in the Southwest Pacific in New Guinea, the Philippine Islands and in Japan. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his role in the rescue of 571 Bataan prisoners of war from the Cabanatuan Prison Camp January 31, 1945. In the movie "The Great Raid," James Franco starred as Prince, while Benjamin Bratt portrayed Lt. Col. Mucci, who selected Prince to lead the raid on a Japanese prison camp. He was named to the Army Ranger Hall of Fame. His business career involved the marketing of Washington apples in Seattle and Wenatchee for 40 years. He retired in 1985 from the presidency of Gwin, White and Prince Inc. He held several positions of leadership in the fruit Industry. He and his wife Barbara retired in Kirkland; after Barbara's death in 2003, he moved to Port Townsend. He was a lifelong student of history, an avid follower of politics, and until recently, an enthusiastic Husky football fan. Bob was preceded in death by his son Steve, killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. FROM THE FORT BENNING RANGER HALL OF FAME (1999):Major Robert W. Prince is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame for extraordinary valor and heroic service to the nation as a Ranger leader. His battalion commander, LTC Henry A. Mucci, chose then Captain Prince to command Company C, 6th Ranger Battalion. As company commander he participated in numerous combat operations in the Pacific Theater, from Hollandia to Leyte. He also participated in the occupation of Japan immediately following the end of hostilities in the Pacific. He was given the task of planning and execution the daring Prisoner of War raid at Cabanatuan in the Philippines from January 28-31, 1945. This particular raid is recognized as a virtually flawless special operation, and is highly regarded as the most successful raid of its kind during World War II. Overall control of the operation was given to LTC Mucci, but CPT Prince was solely responsible the conduct of Company C and a Platoon from Company F. Captain Prince infiltrated his element via foot movement 29-miles behind enemy lines. He culminated this arduous journey by having his Rangers low crawl the last mile to the enemy compound, during hours of limited visibility, achieving tactical surprise, his men quickly overwhelmed the numerically superior force in the large garrison and freed over 500 American and Allied Prisoners. The Rangers then led or carried the emaciated men 30 miles back to friendly lines. The 6th Battalion sustained 2 KIA and ten WIA. Enemy losses were 200 KIA. Captain Prince was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions. He was promoted to Major in August 1945. Major Prince's selfless service and dedication to duty are in the highest traditions of Ranger leadership and exemplify our motto, "Rangers Lead the Way!"