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Evans Murray Carlteon

Murray Carlteon Evans
Serial Number:
Canadian Army
Date of Death:
Bouchoir New British Cem., Bouchoir, France

Murray Carleton Evans (born in St. Louis in 1893), a graduate of Princeton college, Class of 1915 was born on August 7, 1893, in St. Louis City, Missouri. He was the son of Henry Harrison Evans and Winifred Sanborn Evans. Pvt Evans served in World War I and was killed instantly when was hit by a chance shell that detonated right over a parapet. He is now buried in the Bouchoir New British Cemetery, Bouchoir, Departement de la Somme, Picardie, France.

The Class will be deeply interested in the following letter to Mr. Evans, father of Mur. ray Carlton Evans, from one of Murray's mates who was with him when he died: "It gives me great pain to write you at this time, as I know that your burden of grief is a beavy one. Murray was a particular friend of mine and I should bave written sooner if I bad had the opportunity. "We were 'side-kicks' for some months in No. I Platoon before I was transferred to the H 2 Company of the battalion. Our friend. ship was a congenial one, since we were both university men and had so much in common. "Murray was not strong for drilling, march. ing and the like, but in the front line under fire he was absolutely fearless and uncon cerned. "Everyone respected bis courage, which was of the highest order. Although be was not physically strong and never had been used to rough life, he bore all the bardships of trench life stoically and uncomplainingly. As a mat• ter of fact be was one of the most cheerfu! men in the company. His crecry ways and friendly smile were an inspiration to all of us and he set a high example of fortitude and bravery. "He was hit by a chance shell that detonated right over the parapet. He was killed in- stantly. They buried him right on the field, and I'm sorry the censorship will not permit me to tell you the name of the village near which he is buried.-Pr. J. C. STRoTHERS, Tn• telligence Section, Fiftcenth Canadians." [The