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Cunel/Brieulles Woods

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A remote site at the edge of the woods where a small monument to two fallen Americans stands.


, 55110 , Brieulles sur Meuse , 55-Meuse , Grant Est , France

Approximately 1500 meters east of Cunel on a farm path at the edge of the woods. Follow the D-123 Route de Breiulles from the eastern city limit sign 1100 meters east to the dirt road heading north up the hill. that road heads straight north for 75 meters, then curves left. From the curve follow it for 450 more meters, then on the dirt roard turn 90 degrees left towards the far woods. At the edge of those woods is the monument.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

49.337767 5.137011

Flag Poles :