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Monte Pantano

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A mountain top memorial remembering the 34th Division fight on this peak in December 1943.


Mountain Peak: Monte Pantano , Pantano frazione di Scapoli, , Isernia , Molise , Italy

The site is very difficult to find and can only be accessed by foot. The site is a peak of a battlefield mountain – Monte Pantano (1300m). Monte Pantano is a peak made up of four “knobs”. The site is located on Knob 2. Trails to the top are best accessed in late fall and early spring when there is no snow and limited vegetation. Trails are unmarked and are a combination of old supply paths and animal tracks. Very hard to follow. Trails may be accessed from the village of Pantano or along the road between the village of Mennella and Cerosoulo. Trail leads through woods to the peak where foxholes and shell marks are still visible. The peak offers beautiful views of the Molise region and the major peaks that were part of the Gustav Line. Contact a local organization such as the Winter Line Museum in Venafro for assistance.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

41.5689 14.0303 Mountain Peak: Monte Pantano

Flag Poles :