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Lago di Suviana (Lake Suviana)

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A memorial plaque remembering a 1944 B-25 Crash site.


Localita Ca' di Gial, 39 40032 Camugnano (BO) , 40032 , Camugnano , Bologna , Emilia-Romagna , Italy

The site is located is an off-road site but can be reached following an unpaved road. The site is located near Lake Suviana (Lago di Suviana) with an address in the town of Camugnano near the border of the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany in central, Italy. Site is northeast of Pistoia (50 km along SS64) and south of Bologna (60km along the Autostrada A1). From the town of Camugnano follow SP62 (very narrow road) to the grid in Localita Ca’di Gial (44.101574, 11.048660)- about a 15-kilometer drive. The address/coordinates are the intersection with an unpaved road which will take you to the site; about a 1km walk (see maps of site). Special thanks to Collezione Storica “ Quadri – Venturi “ of Quadri Gabriella e Venturi Pierpaolo and for use of photos from their historic collection (Collezione Storica) , and historical researchers Mr. Federico Cini (Independent Historical Researcher) and Mr.Enzo Lanconelli (Assocazione Aerei Perduti).

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

44.0981 11.0489 Localita Ca' di Gial, 39 40032 Camugnano (BO)

Flag Poles :